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Muso is an interesting music cataloger. This program enables you to access your entire music collection from within the same window, with the option to display your collection using categories.

Just import your songs from your hard drive, or synchronize the program with your iTunes library, and after a few minutes Muso will have sorted and stored your information in its database.

Once if has all of the above information, you will be able to access your music library, and sort it by, for example, artist, album, composer, or even release date.

The program can work with audio files in .mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .flac, .ogg, and .ape formats. It also includes access to Wikipedia and Last.FM databases so that you can get all of the information you need about each album, song, and artist.

Muso also allows you to play music using Winamp or iTunes.

The program is still in development, and is not yet fully stable.

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